Vadolibero - Neos


  • height: 122 cm
  • stand height: 82 cm
  • case width: 48 cm
  • case depth: 58 cm
  • case height: 42 cm
  • weight: 18 kg


hand-varnished rigid polyurethane, fine leather mesh pocket and frame pad

Vadolibero Neos

Disruptive, playful, surprisingly roomy. And totally cool. Bike Butler NEOS is the radically new model of the “special assistant” that takes care of your bicycle and all your gear when you get home after a ride. And keeps everything handy for the next one.


It’s an amazing standalone piece of furniture that strikes for its essential, abstract design: the egg-shaped mysterious case mirrors in the base and its glossy finish, that comes in black or ivory white, adds a twist of magic to its sleek lines. Inspired by Pop Art style, it turns into a retro-futuristic presence, that stands out in classy as in vanguard surroundings.

The real magic is when you open Bike Butler NEOS, once you’ve parked your bike on it and you are ready to put your gear away. Pressing slightly the cover, thanks to a hidden spring button, the egg-shaped case reveals a capacious and organised storage space, provided with several features: a fine Italian leather mesh pocket for the helmet, a mobile shelf where you can layer your clothes on and, beneath, the inner cubby for your cycling shoes; last but not least, there is a comfy compartment for pocket accessories.


Included in the box, you’ll find an adhesive frame pad, made of fine leather, that avoids scratches and sliding.


Bike Butler Neos is designed and made in Italy, with hand-finishings.

Bike Butler NEOS is made of rigid poliurethane, a valued material in the interior design world. After the injection molding process, every piece is finished by hand: that beautiful, super glossy finish comes out of six layers hand-varnishing. It’s meant to shine for a lifetime.


This compelling “cycling station” looks like it’s one piece but it’s not: the tube-shaped column has an iron core, hand-soldered to the iron platterincorporated in the base, to improve its stability and resistance.


NEOS can carry up to 30 kg weight: also e-bikes can be parked on it.


No assembly is needed after delivery: it comes already mounted, ready to use!

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