Vadolibero - Genus


  • height: 165 cm
  • width: 12,5 cm
  • depth: 4,5
  • weight: 5 kg


  • solid oakwood; iron hook; leather hook cover

Essential and functional, Genus is the space-saving universal wall mount that doubles as a gear rack. Made of precious solid woods, it’s meant for the cyclists who don’t want to leave the bike in the garage… they want instead a design piece that let them store it at home, together with their cycling equipment. Smart.
Vadolibero Genus Oak


GENUS essential design makes it a groovy piece of furniture that embellishes any entrance and can be placed in the most diverse environments: it’s ideal for modern contexts, including minimalistic or Scandinavian décor, and it perfectly blends into classic surroundings, too.

 As a unique feature on the market, GENUS is provided with an adjustable wheel hook, covered in precious leather, that can be set to fit all bicycle’s sizes and all kinds of wheels. You customize its performance by screwing the iron plate, positioned in the back of the wall mount, at the convenient height that suits your bike.

Vadolibero Walnut Genus

GENUS is smart and simple. Before using it for the first time, you have to screw the seven hand-milled branches in the provided threaded holes. Each branch features a different inclination and length, according to the kind of accessory that will be hung on it.

 The two longest branches have to be placed at the top of the wall mount: the right hook is designed to store the helmet (any type of helmet, MTB’s included), while the one on the left it’s perfect to hang the cycling clothes: jackets, jerseys, bib shorts, baselayers, tshirts…

 Positioned in the middle of the trunk, on both sides, there are the three most versatile hooks. They have been conceived to let you hang a wide variety of different accessories: all kinds of bags (no matter what the size or the shape is), hats and cycling caps, sunglasses, devices… and all the cycling gadgets you use to fully enjoy your rides. And if it helps you having peaceful relations in the family, you can always reserve one branch for your partner’s gear!

 Last but not least, the two branches on the bottom left are meant for the cycling shoes: their different length allows to hang both of them in a nice, easy way.


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