Vadolibero - Duo


  • length: 35 cm
  • diameter: 4 cm
  • weight: 750 g
  • screw: 6 mm


  • max handlebar width: 60 cm
  • max load: 25 kg
  • plugs and screws are included


solid ash wood, leather bands

DUO is made of solid natural ash: a refined and sturdy essence that will last forever. And it’s provided with exclusive hand-stitched leather accessories.

Both hooks are wrapped with a leather band that cushions the top tube, preventing painful scratches. The pierced leather frame straps, with their stretchable length (25 cm), can be used with most of the top tube sizes (up to 5,5 cm diameter); once they are wrapped around the frame, you are sure the bike won’t ever fall off the rack. And they make it convenient to do basic maintenance. The adjustable leather wheel strap keeps the front wheel straight when the bike is parked on the DUO.

In terms of functionality, the flexible installation is a relevant benefit: DUO allows you to hang any road, gravel, e-bike or folding bicycle straight on the wall. You set the position of the two hooks, according to the shape of your frame. The hook’s length (35 cm) fits almost all kinds of handlebars, up to 60 cm wide.

DUO can easily support up to 25 kg weight (depending on the wall); but if you don’t want to lift the bike, you can mount it at a height suitable for the wheels to touch the ground.

DUO looks good also when you are out riding: thanks to its essential design, it sits seamlessly within the most stylish of interiors. And you can choose among 6 options the color of the leather accessories that suits you best: white (in the pictures), black, yellow, red, green, and nubuck

DUO is very easy to install. In the box, you’ll find the screws and the plugs (suitable for solid brick, concrete, or timber walls), that you’ll drill into the wall; the final step is hand-turning the hooks into the screws. That’s it!

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