Weight: 35/36 g
Tire width: 30-47mm

Not only a spare: developed to fit in any small pocket. The 35 grams lightweight S-Tubo-CX/Gravel All is the ideal spare tube for all 700C and 650B tires from 30 - 47 mm width due to its very small packed size. However, it is not only a savior in need but can be perfectly used on a daily basis as it is still as robust as standard rubber tubes. Leftovers of tubeless liquids do not do any harm to it. Given its low rolling resistance it can also be the decisive advantage at competitions. Available with 42 mm (35 grams) and 60 mm (36 grams)

Presta valves and suitable for disc brakes only

  • perfect CX/Gravel spare tube
  • can also be used for daily rides
  • lightest CX/Gravel tubes worldwide
  • can be used in 700C and  650B tires
  • compatible with disc brakes only
  • same strength as a standard tube
  • low rolling resistance
  • perfect spare tube for tubeless setups 

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