120 g without brakepads (61 g front / 59 g rear)


Useable for wide and narrow rims (from 19 mm to 30 mm) without changing the cable fixing.
Perfect for changing between wide competition wheels and narrow training wheels.

Compatible brakepads

All brakepads suitable for Shimano® Standard

Compatible brake levers

The THM-Fibula racing brake is compatible with all prevalent brake levers.


The brake pads are about 33 mm wide apart in their fully open position. Rims with a width of 19 mm to 30 mm can be used with the Fibula.

Motion ratio brakes

1:1,5 front, 1:1,5 rear

Max. Permissible total weight

110 kg (243 lb)



New Fibula brings our legendary brake into the modern era of wide rims. For more than a decade, our super-lightweight Fibula equaled the performance of top models by major vendors, at half their weight. We got this great performance by fully exploiting the properties of carbon fiber.

For our new brake design, we moved to resin transfer molding (RTM), a process that improves product tolerancing, consistency, and strength-to-weight, and has less environmental impact than traditional carbon fiber fabrication.

Even the return spring is in composites. An adjustable cam means it’s compatible with rims of 19–30 mm width without changing the cable clamp point, with no effect on lever modulation — this makes it ideal for a bike used with various wheelsets and tires up to 25 mm wide.

Pull ratio is optimized for Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo levers, and at 120 g for the pair, new Fibula, like its predecessor, remains the lightest brakeset available.

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