Shimano - Limited Edition GRX 2X GRAVEL GROUPSET

There is a rich variety in the field of gravel bikes. Among those bikes, there are unique, handmade bikes crafted in steel, titanium, and aluminum that are tailored to meet their owner’s preferences. There we find aficionados who embody bicycle culture and builders who take pride in what they offer.

For the new GRX Limited, Shimano has created a special edition finish that embraces the beauty of aluminum. It perfectly compliments the efforts of the frame builders who blend the aesthetic form of their creations with the inherent beauty of their metal materials of choice.

Includes the Following:

  • FC-RX810-2-LE • GRX Limited Edition FC-RX810-2 Crankset
  • IRDRX810LE • GRX Limited Edition RD-RX810 11-Speed, Top Normal, Shadow Plus Rear Derailleur
  • IFDRX810LEF • GRX Limited Edition FD-RX810 Down Swing, Down Pull, Braze On Front Derailleur
  • IRX8105LEDPASC1 • GRX Limited Edition ST-RX810, BR-RX820 (RR&LF), for 160mm Rotor
  • ICSHG8001111134 • CS-HG800-11, 11-Speed, 11-34T Cassette
  • ICNHG70111116Q • CN-HG701-11, 11-Speed Chain, 116 Links with Quick-Link

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