Lightweight - TRITTSTURM (Fall Bib Shorts)

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-------- TRITTSTURM--------


Every pedal stroke, every breath and every attack against the storm will bring you one step closer to your goal. These warming bib shorts will keep you focused on the ride however adverse the conditions.

-------- Features & technical data--------

  • Race-cut = an aerodynamic cut for perfect anatomical racing bike position
    • Shorter front than back
    • Seams shifted to middle front and back
    • Double layer cuff at waist
  • Wide elastic braces with merino/polyester mesh on the back
  • Trouser legs made of polyamide fabric with hydrophobic DWR®finishing
  • Hem with height elastic band featuring Lightweight silicon logo inside
  • Tone-on-tone black EDELSTOFF prints on the leg sides
  • Black reflective piping on the rear of upper leg for better visibility and safety
  • Elastic Interface® men's pad with black outer fabric and perforated bottom layer for optimized breathability. The pad is a triple-layer construction with different densities to deal with loads from 60 to 120 kg/m³, bonded with seams. Perfect for short and longer rides of up to six hours and more.



    Coldblack® - keeps the heat out
    • Of course we are aware of the overheating of black fabrics. That's why our polyester and polyamide functional fabrics are equipped with Coldblack® technology. This significantly reduces the absorption of sun rays and therefore keeps the garment cool, even when exposed to direct sunlight. Additionally the fabrics feature a UV factor of 50+.
    Race cut for the perfect fit
    • All cuts are optimized for racing position on a bike. That's why we use only the amount of fabric necessary and consequently avoid friction points. The front parts are shorter than the back parts and shoulder parts are cut wider than the chest line. We oscillated the flatlock side seams and shifted them to the back part for perfect fit and minimized friction points, made seamless collars, cut the raglan sleeves from collar to edge with an oscillated cut to the front part. In other words, we took care of everything.
    Merino wool for natural functions
    • Our Bike Wear collection is a summer collection, meaning, we only used very light and breathable fabrics. Our very focus is merino wool & polyester mesh fabric. Merino is a self-renewable fabric that comes with natural antibacterial finishing. It even neutralizes odour without any chemical additives, regulates your body temperature and transports humidity to the outside of the fabric. Because the fabric is very light and roughly meshed it does not feature UV protection. We recommend you to put on some sunscreen on all your body parts exposed to the sun before each ride. We have also sent these fabrics to the Hohenstein Institut in Germany in order to conduct the following tests: Water vapour resistance, thermal resistance (thermal insulation) of the moist fabric and drying time and the instationary skin model measurements.
    Three-layer-fabric for downhill runs
    • Our air vest features an extremely light three-layer laminate (app. 88g/m2) at the front part, shoulder, chest and access slots. It's not only 100% water- and windproof, it also features high breathability. This functional fabric resists a water column of 20.000mm, has a water vapour permeability of <10m2PA/W and an abrasion resistance of more than 60.000 cycles.
    Sanitized® finishing
    • It’s as simple as that: Sanitized® provides all polyester segments of our garments with antibacterial and odour-neutralizing features. Additionally they keep unwanted companions out.
    Defeat the heat with Interpower® finishing
    • Interpower® not only channels moisture to the outside, it also keeps you cool.
    Cycling pads for ultimate comfort
    • Our cycling pants are equipped with elastic Interface® pads with black outer fabric and perforated bottom layer for optimized breathability. The pad is a triple-layer construction with different densities to deal with loads from 60 to 120 kg/m³, bonded with seams. It’s perfect for both, short and longer rides of up to six hours and more.



    • All polyester and polyamide fabrics of our Bike Wear collection are bluesign® certified. This not only excludes the use of any polluting substances from the whole production process, it also defines guidelines and monitors compliance with an eco-friendly and safe manufacture.
    • The three-layer fabric used is not only equipped with an exceptionally protective membrane, it is also environmentally friendly in both, production and disposal. The Bionic® finishing also has its roots in nature and resists water, dirt and even oil.
    • As a special highlight we integrated merino wool into our mesh fabric. Merino is a natural self-renewable resource which is particularly friendly to the environment in its production process.
    • To underline our commitment to the environment we conduct all quality control, packaging, storage and shipping from our headquarter in southern Germany to ensure better control, shorter transit routes and improved efficiency.
    • The assembly is completed in Portugal. This ensures both, short transport routes as well as EU working- and safety-rights regulations that are abided by the manufacturer and the assembler.
    • Because we don’t favour overproduction we always produce in small batches. This grants us the opportunity to evaluate your feedback and integrate it directly into our resupply (we are happy to hear from you via Unfortunately this may also lead to your garment of choice being out of stock. But we will do our best to meet your demands as fast as possible.



    • Washing is always a burden for both, clothes and environment. All of our garments should be washed inside out (zippers closed) at a 30°C maximum. Wash gently with similar colours and liquid detergent. Please do not use any bleaching or softening agents as they may damage the fabrics (and consequently their functions). A protective washing bag will be provided. After washing, please do not iron the garments.
    • For drying we recommend placing the wet garment in well ventilated rooms without direct sun irradiation. Please do not tumble dry.
    • Please do not leave wet clothes in insufficiently ventilated places like plastic bags, suitcases, drawers (or similar) and wash them as soon as possible to avoid sweat residues from damaging the fibres and fabrics.
    • It is crucial that you put the garment on very gently. Avoid pulling the sleeves or trouser legs of the garment too hard as it may damage certain parts.
    • When trying our garments, whether at the shop or after unboxing the items from our online shop we ask you to not pull on any seams but put everything into place very carefully. You can crosscheck everything easily by emulating your race position.
    • Merino wool, like any other wool, will always shrink when being washed, but we managed to reduce the shrinking to the length only. Please never wash above 30°C.

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