Lake - Custom Insole


SIZE: S(36-39), M(40-43), L(44-46), XL(47-50)


  • Wicking textile face fabric
  • Firm EVA foam
  • Carbon Fiber or Fiber Glass Composite Laminate


    Raven™ Insoles composite foot cradle is designed to be reshaped to your foot. The heel cup of the cradle has small slits made around the upper radius to allow the cup to expand for larger sized feet. These slits may or may not be visible after molding.
    Raven™ Insoles are compatible with most cycling shoes.
    For the best fitting result, place your current insole on top of the Raven™ insole and trace the forefoot shape with a marker. Trim away the excess forefoot foam. It is often better to cut less away and check the fitting of the insole inside the shoe, if the insole wrinkles or fits too tightly, trim away more excess material from the forefoot.

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