Ciclovation - Cosmic Haze Emerald

  • The newly developed Cosmic Haze finish for Ciclovation ultralight, Craft Carbon Cage is durable and long lasting and holds up to the rigors of repeated use and abuse for beauty that lasts.  The coating fully covers all surfaces and is not simply a decal or graphic application.  Functionally, the Cosmic Haze Craft Carbon Cage lives up to expectations for performance, low weight and durability.
  • Tai Chi bottle cages are the optimal amalgamation of power and beauty, combining strong yet lightweight design with the beauty of carbon fiber finished in a fusion of color textures.
  • Aerospace 3k carbon composite material is skillfully layered into a high strength structure ensuring secure holding of your bottle.
  • Includes lightweight, corrosion-free aluminum alloy bolts.
Weight 16 g
Width 75 mm
Height 145 mm

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