Ceramicspeed - UFO Bundle

Essential Contains: 

1 bottle of UFO Drip All Conditions
1 bottle of UFO Bike Wash
1 bottle of UFO Drivetrain Cleaner 

Ultimate Contains:

1 bottle of UFO Drip Wet Conditions
1 bottle of UFO Drip All Conditions
1 bottle of UFO Bike Wash
1 bottle of UFO Drivetrain Cleaner 

Our acclaimed UFO Drip Chain Coating has been updated to be known as UFO Drip All Conditions. Now, in a new, smaller bottle size and an optimized formula that has a crisp white appearance while applying, that virtually disappears once fully dry.


For those riding in consistently wet conditions, our new UFO Drip for Wet Conditions has been uniquely developed to maximize the benefits of a wax chain lubricant, while resisting deterioration through wet riding conditions.

This eco-friendly Drivetrain Cleaner thoroughly removes grease and grime from all drivetrain components. The unique properties dissolve wax from internal rollers, and all surfaces of chain links.

This is a non-toxic and biodegradable formula - environmentally friendly and safe.

The latest addition to our family of maintenance and care products. Just like a pair of fresh white socks will make most riders feel faster on race day – a sparkling, clean bike will provide the same mental assurance. And with the added bonus of keeping the bike in its optimal condition at all times. 

An ecofriendly foaming bike soap that is tested and approved for all bicycle surfaces. This bike wash is safe for indoor and outdoor use and features no perfumes or added scents.

Thoroughly shake UFO DRIP bottle before use.

For new chains or the first application, start with a fully clean and dry chain. Apply UFO Drip All Conditions wax coating directly to the chain rollers over the cassette while rotating the chain slowly to coat the entire length of the chain twice. Next, apply UFO coating to the inside of the chain, along the rollers on the bottom span over the chain and coat the entire length of the chain twice. A complete coating will use about 8ml, or an 8-gram difference by weight. For best penetration, continue rotating the cranks for 30 to 60 seconds to ensure the wax can get down between the chain rollers and links. For best durability and clean performance, let the UFO Drip chain coating dry overnight. It is not suggested to wipe off the wax from the surface of the chain. A proper application will last 300km / 180 miles in generally dry and clean conditions.

For standard reapplication, wipe off any surface dust with a clean towel and apply UFO coating to the chain links above the cassette along the length of the chain twice.

If the drivetrain has been contaminated, the bike has been washed, or ridden in wet conditions we suggest a full clean and reapplication following the first application guidelines. If you ride in the wet often, we recommend the UFO Drip Wet Conditions.

Keep it out of direct sunlight and in a temperature range of 5-30 degrees Celsius (30-85 Fahrenheit). – do not freeze.

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