Carbon TI - X-Rotor SteelCarbon 3


This disc rotor represents an evolution of the X-Rotor SteelCarbon 2 model, which gained widespread acclaim among MTB and road enthusiasts since its debut in 2015.

It is a superlight semi-floating disc rotor, with a steel braking surface, a carbon fiber inner body, and laser-engraved titanium fixing rivets.

It has a profile with rounded CNC-machined edges that increase safety and comply with the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) regulations.

The 1.8 mm thick special steel track has been redesigned to improve the braking performance, enhance heat dissipation, and enable more even pad wear.

The rivets and washers are made of Grade 5 titanium and represent a technical solution in line with previous versions, ensuring high lightness, strength, and reliability.

It can be used with any pad (organic pads are recommended).

Made in Italy.
140mm WEIGHT: 68 g
160mm WEIGHT: 80 g

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