A fan of Campagnolo is a fan not only of the finely crafted components and wheels that emerge from its Italian factory, but rather a fan of cycling in general.

The Campagnolo logo represents not only expert craftsmanship and continuous innovation but also an ideal, that cycling is the greatest sport the world has known and as such worthy of respect and dedication. This beautiful white, navy and light blue version of the Classic Campagnolo Cycling Cap is representative of this ideal and shows that those who wear it of are a similar mindset. The classic cycling cap has been synonymous with the Campagnolo brand for decades and has become a symbol for authentic cycling culture in a way.

By maintaining its classic design while incorporating materials and construction worthy of the Campagnolo brand, the latest version of the Campagnolo “cap” is held to the same standard as the components that leave the Italian factory. A plush headband made from a special antibacterial fabric makes for long lasting comfort and ensures that this garment can be worn again and again without worry.

The fabric is second to none and the fine craftsmanship of this Italian-made product is sure to please as it is both well-made and built to last. Made in the same historic factory that has been producing the fabled Campagnolo Cycling Cap for decades, only now with more prestigious materials, this product couldn’t be more authentic.


When the Giro d'Italia passes by, we're on home ground. Many victories, many kilometers in the pouring rain and the burning sun. The Campagnolo Giro d'Italia cycling cap pays homage to the great champions who made our products famous, with elegant pink detailing on corporate blue.

Celebrate the most successful componentry in the history of Italy’s most grueling and famous stage race with the Classic Campagnolo Cycling Cap in its Rosa colorway. An elegant design, Classic Campagnolo blue combines with the historic “Rosa” color associated with Italy’s premier stage race that has seen Campagnolo take the greatest champions of history to victory time and time again.


TOUR Edition

Campagnolo, like no other company, has accompanied the greatest cyclists in history to the finish line on the Champs-Elysées and continues to do so in a tradition that is renewed, year after year. The Campagnolo Tour de France cycling cap combines Campagnolo corporate blue with the yellow of the Grande Boucle in a winning, distinctive combination.

No component manufacturer has accompanied more athletes through the demanding roads of France to end up in yellow along the Champs Elysee. The TOUR colorway of the Classic Campagnolo Cycling Cap matches a dark and elegant Campagnolo blue to the immediately recognizable yellow of cycling’s most famous stage race to celebrate the Italian company’s incredible palmares.

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