Aurum - Magma Frameset


AURUM's first model, Magma, is the ultimate racing road bike. It is the best performer on any road terrain, the one to be chosen no matter what the route profile and conditions

It is faster everywhere. Magma is the bike that Contador and Basso wish they had had throughout their careers. Born from experience, it’s a project that has kept them busy since they retired from professional racing.

Magma is agile, light and fast. But from the outset Contador and Basso agreed that it must be balanced in its handling: comfortable and compliant enough for long rides, yet stiff while climbing off-the-saddle. Reactive at its front end when cornering to track every tight corner with precision, yet stable to inspire confidence on even the fastest open descents.


Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso know as well as anybody that to perform at your best, the wattage you generate needs to be delivered to the road with maximum efficiency: a frame being stiff in the right places is crucial. 

Magma is designed with high lateral stiffness at the bottom bracket area when you’re riding out of the saddle, at maximum effort, high speed or attacking a climb. It’s also made with high torsional stiffness particularly in the headtube and downtube sections – the backbone of the frame – crucial for a frameset that delivers confident handling and cornering.

Using a BB386Evo standard bottom bracket, Magma’s airfoil downtube tapers out from the headtube, maximizing torsional stiffness. The dimensions of the downtube on all frame sizes have been scaled individually for a proportionate stiffness level, so you’ll find consistent riding characteristics.


While the stiffness of key sections of Magma’s frameset are optimised for power delivery and sure handling – both in terms of geometry and details of the carbon layup – other areas are designed and tuned differently, to ensure the right level of comfort in an all-round performance bike. Riding position and frameset flexibility in the right areas are crucial for performing at your best over a long ride.


An important and non-debatable goal set by Contador and Basso from the beginning of the project was to work in depth in the aerodynamic efficiency of the Magma.

Aerodynamics are very important in how Magma performs at speed and remains stable at different yaw angles. Traditional racing bikes have been split between Light or Aerodynamic, but it was essential to combine these two characteristics and make the Magma a faster bike.


Achieving a low weight was an important goal for the Magma project, however it was not to be the main focus of the development, but to have balanced overall riding characteristics. Often reaching for the last grams can result in a loss of structural strength or riding comfort.

At same time, too much focus on the weight figures could result in a not so aerodynamically optimized shaping, which after all contributes to higher speed in most riding situations.



Frame & Fork

AURUM ECT, BB386EVO, Internal Cable Routing, Integrated Seatpost Clamp, 12mm thru-axle, flat-mount disc
AURUM ECT, 12mm thru-axle, flat-mount disc
Tapered 1-1/8” to 1-3/8” Stainless Steel angular bearings
AURUM CNC stealth 12mm axles
Handlebar Tape
AURUM Experience 3mm

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