Enve - SES 5.6 Disc Clincher Road Wheelset

The Enve 5.6 have been specifically designed for road cyclists who want speed on flat and slightly undulating terrain. These wheels offer serious aerodynamic gains and are better suited to riders with performance in mind. Road racers and serious riders will certainly appreciate 5.6 wheels.

The 5.6 have different profiles, the front wheel has a 54mm profile while the rear wheel has a 63mm profile. They were designed this way to increase the aerodynamic performance. The fact that the front rim is less contoured than the rear rim allows the rider not to be limited by side winds. The deep profiles reduce wind drag ensuring energy savings and giving you free speed.

In terms of braking, SES 5.6 uses Enve's most recent textured brake track which offers very impressive braking performance in all condition, especially for rim brakes on carbon rims.

All in all, this is a wheelset you choose because performance and speed are main goals. Take our word for it, we'll be amazed by their performance and overall quality.

  • All-carbon construction
  • 54/63mm profiles
  • Enve Alloy hubs
  • 5-year warranty
  • Texured braking track

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