VARDENA - Full Carbon Cycling Wear - Veloholic

100% Made in Italy


VARDENA an Italian Brand with factory located in the city of Varese, near Milano Malpensa Airport, we manufacture the world's first full Carbon Cycling Wear with special material originally utilized in the aerospace sector.
Indeed all our products are fully made in our factory in Italy and engineered to be a revolutionary new generation of cycling apparel with the following features:
- Aerodynamic Patch Work: Patch-Work construction of different aerodynamic fabrics according to the body-parts to reduce the aerodynamic resistance.
- Visible Carbon Fiber: The Carbon Fiber can be seen through the fabric when worn.
- Full Carbon: Carbon covers all the main Muscles the rider use in Cycling.
- Super Heat-Exchange Capacity: Vardena carbon fiber fabric is Super-Conductive giving 65% higher capacity of heat exchange comparing to the regular lycra utilized in cycling wear so far.
- Reduction of Lactic Acid Accumulation: The super conductive characteristic of our carbon fiber fabric maximize the dissipation of the lactic acid accumulation in muscles, averagely from 10 to 12%.
- Phantom Pad: Ultra comfortable pad for long rides, highly breathable with carving technology and fontal Conch for extra comfort (Excellent also for Endurance 6H + ).

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