Pioneer’s Dual Leg Power Meter is the most advanced dual leg power meter system on the market, going beyond the standard ANT+ power metrics by measuring force in all directions at 30 degree intervals, 24 times per rotation, helping the rider develop pedaling balance and minimize power loss. When the power meter is combined with Pioneer’s SGX-CA500 GPS Cycle Computer, riders have access to HDPower Metrics for enhanced power data and analysis. The Cycle Computer with the Dual Leg Power Meter enables the rider to see comprehensive performance analysis and highly detailed data gathered from 24 points of measurement and displayed graphically in real-time on the display of the Cycle Computer, including Force Vectors and Torque Vectors graphics and Pedaling Efficiency.

The SGY-PM9100 Series Dual Leg Power Meter adds only 62 grams of weight to the original Shimano crank, making Pioneer’s system one of the lightest crank-based meters. The power meter is also compatible with ANT+® devices, including ANT+ sport watches. Riders with ANT+ computers will be able to see all ANT+ standardized power metrics supported by that computer.

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