Lightweight - Meilenstein C 24D Schwarz Ed. Ceramicspeed

WEIGHT FW: 650 gr
WEIGHT BW: 730 gr
RIM DEPTH: 48 mm
RIM WIDTH: 24 mm
NO. OF SPOKES (FW/BW): 20/20
TYRE WIDTH: 25-32 mm

  • Excellent stiffness / weight ratio
  • Lightest high profile (disc) wheel set for racing / street use
  • Innovative pentagon hub system increases braking safety – especially on long downhill runs



    The idea behind our Meilenstein was Lightweight’s initial vision for the perfect allround wheel. Over the course of generations its fan base grew - as did its range of properties. This tradition has been continued and the MEILENSTEIN DISC once again proves to be the new reference on the streets. The new series’ most striking feature is the extended rim width that is now compatible with current standards. Furthermore many properties have been significantly improved, like aerodynamics, compatibility, stiffness (10 % increase) and braking safety, thanks to the new pentagon hub. Our Meilenstein has dominated many chapters in the history of cycling, now it’s time for the next one.



    The full carbon fiber clincher that has been awarded many times as the outstanding winner in all tests around the planet. And probably the world's most exclusive and most powerful clincher wheel also. Now even more exclusive. With the best stiffness ratio at maximum heat management in braking. And changing tires is twice the fun: Thanks to the folding tyres and the new all black optics. With CeramicSpeed bearings in the MEILENSTEIN C SCHWARZED you are gaining even more speed.

    This wheel will take you a further step closer to success. We have added an additional innovative component to all wheels of our SCHWARZED: CeramicSpeed bearings. It doesn't matter whether you are a pro or recreational rider, this wheel will inspire you. Just imagine: on a 180km race like a Grand Fondo or Ironman you could save up to 9 minutes. Minutes that can make the difference between winning and losing. The reduced rolling resistance increases your speed, makes you more effective and gets you faster to the finish line. You will increase your performance by better gear. As a sportsman you will also benefit from the longer service life of the CeramicSpeed bearings. The perfect combination of speed and fun.

    CeramicSpeed follows exactly the same philosophy as Lightweight: Ongoing development with a high standard of quality, best materials and continuous quality control. Mixed with the passion for biking and speed. That is what makes their ball bearings a product of the highest professional level and make them fit into our wheels.

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