Givelo - Jersey - G90 Light



Colour is the universal language of creativity, expression, of life. Colour can generate emotion, provoke behaviour and connect us to the world around us. Without colour, there is no individualism or beauty, and to see colour you must have light.

This collection was created to pay tribute to colour itself and bring forward the color-mentality; a mentality of expression, creativity, and uniqueness.

  • Rear pocket design with an easy-access shape.
  • Additional 4th rear pocket with waterproof lining.
  • Sleeves with reflective stretch tape edging.
  • Additional heat pressed elastic on the back torso to support over-stretching. 
  • Automatic”cam-lock” zipper
    • UPF50+ protection.
    • Certified Bluesign®️ fabrics. 
    • Ultra-light Italian fabrics with excellent moisture wicking. 

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